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Welcome to Project: NOMAD

So…I have finished reading The Four Hour Work Work Weekby Timothy Ferriss. The idea of mini-retirements, and muses really appeal to me; but the question I have is how easy is it to implement?

The basic idea of this blog is that it will serve as a chronicle of the steps I am taking to implement the Lifestyle Design principles set forth in the book. This also includes the the creation of a successful company that can be run from anywhere in the world (a “Muse”). I will write it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will be as honest as possible about the challenges and the outcomes and the path between.

As I encounter useful resources and sites I will post them here and in the blogroll. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions. From time to time I’m sure I’m going to encounter issues that someone else reading this has probably dealt with.


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    I’m doing the 4HWW too. My plan is to flee the country by January to go and live in Thailand – you can see my nascent blog here:


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