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Back after a break…

There are two places on this planet that I call home. One is Atlanta, where I currently live, but the other is Mt. Desert Island, Maine. I got back a couple of days ago from a week of R&R there, to recharge my batteries. My parents retired up there after their children all moved away. We have been going up there since I was 10, camping in Acadia National Park. It is probably one of the most beautiful places in this country.

Unfortunately, it is becoming harder and harder for my parents to live there. They’re there all year round, and while the summer is fantastic, the winters can get brutal. Both of them are in their late 70’s. They tried to live in a warmer climate over one winter, but it didn’t work out. They are talking about moving down to Vermont, closer to my sister.

Now, why am I bringing all this up? It segues into one of the main reasons why I am doing all this. Having elderly parents that live so far away is one of my major worries. I want to spend more time with them, as well as be able to get to them in case of any emergency and stay with them until things settle down. Then there’s the issue of their house. My siblings and I want to keep it in the family. It would be nice to spend more time up there, and to have the extra money needed to maintain it. So time is becoming more and more of a precious commodity for me.

The other reason is that I am getting tired of the 9-5 grind. I have been in the workforce for 23 years. It has not been all bad, but I am ready for something new. A lot of people say that moving from the 9-5 lifestyle to the 4 hour (Ok, maybe a little more than 4 hours) lifestyle is going to be a challenge. In fact I posted a query about the feasibility of the lifestyle here. I am up for the challenge. I really think that a successful outcome is worth the effort.

In my next posting, I will put my “Dreamline” which is described in the “Definition” section of “The Four Hour Work Week”.


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    Hey I just found out about your blog after having read 4HWW. You say in your post that “In my next posting, I will put my “Dreamline” which is described in the “Definition” section of “The Four Hour Work Week”.” … And yet after reading your whole blog I still haven’t found it :D.
    Keep it up !

  2. 2

    Yeah…guilty as charged…

    I stopped working on it because of all that has been going on in my life, which admittedly is lame.

    I will get back to it and put it in a future post…promise…


    “And yet after reading your whole blog ”

    Thank you for that Max…


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