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We interrupt this blog…..

I had originally intended to print my dreamline, and I will soon, but I found out about something that is pretty cool, and  in which I am now participating, and about what I wanted to write.

There is something going on called the Thirty Day Challenge. The challenge is to make $10 online. Yeah, that seems petty, but it teaches you how to start your own Internet business, including important concepts like finding your niche, market research, and determining your product, all in easy to understand concepts illustrated by videos and podcasts. And, best of all it’s free. I am in catchup mode (It started on August 1st).

So I am going to augment my quest with this training, and see where it leads me.


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    Josh Holden:

    I’m really interested in your experience with both 4hwk and the Thirty Day Challenge. Keep us posted.


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