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Test, Test, Test…

I was kind of disheartening to see that my blog never showed up on Google; in fact, ironically, if you did a search on “” at one point, you got a link to this blog! So I am going back to the drawing board. The 30 Day Challenge – challenge portion is officially over, even though they are continuing with weekly education and tips. I still recommend anyone interested in affiliate marketing to go to that site and go through the training and the forums (I believe they are still allowing people to join). People pay a lot of money for the information provided in the free challenge.

The purpose of the training is to test your ideas to see if there is a market. If there isn’t, move on. Don’t fall in love with your niche if it’s not profitable. I have saved all the training, and I will spend a couple of days going back over it and give it another try.

I am also on the lookout for quality resources for people who want to go independent. I can’t think of a better time for people who truly want to go out on their own to do so. There are a ton of resources and communities that provide information, tools, and, more importantly, support. To start things off I am adding a link to one of my favorite resources – Freelance Switch to the blogroll. They provide information for Freelancers of all types.

The blogroll link is to their 101 Essential Freelance Resources (be sure to read the comments as well, the readers provide some of their favorite resources).

So, it’s back to the proverbial drawing board regarding the the 30 Day Challenge. I have several other niches to try out.


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    I’m quite interested in this blog. I too have read 4HWW, and I found this blog after I saw your post on metafilter when it showed up on my weekly google alert about all new things related to either “Tim Ferriss” or “4HWW”.

    I too am interested in starting a muse. I have a brother who has a web business that’s providing decent income (~$1k/mo) with minimal input, but other than that, I don’t really know anyone who’s had any measure of internet success.

    I was wondering if you asked anything of ookseer through an individual email, and, if so, if he responded.

    Best of luck with your efforts and keep up the blog!

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    Don’t be confused by the name… here I am ZenSatori…

    I have sent two emails to him. Both thanking him again for his input to the question I posted on, and basically asking what type of work did he did and how he got into that line (He did mention how he started later in his last post). He never replied.

    I was hoping more people who were doing what he did would respond.

    It’s funny, I was contemplating providing web services myself. The thing is, and you may want to work with your brother on this, it seems more efficient to outsource the grunt work to India (maintenance, design, etc..), and then spend time marketing the business, coming up with new ideas, making it grow. Of course, this would take a lot more effort. You would have to look at the cost/benefits.

    BTW…Google Alert ROCKS! It can be used in so many ways. I currently have an alert on my Affiliate blog to tell me when Google finally recognizes it…as I mentioned, ironically, this blog keeps popping up instead.

    Thanks for the comment!

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