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Course Correction…

What a lousy week this was.

Even though it was a shortened week, it seemed to go on forever. The fact that I have been fighting a cold, and I have been temporarily assigned to another team at work, for a month to help them out, didn’t help much. All this and I haven’t even touched on my life outside of work.

To put it mildly, I have been totally overwhelmed. Life seems to be getting in my way…

I still have been plugging away at the 30 Day Challenge’s last week of lessons. Since my first attempt failed, I am going to restart by choosing three new niches and taking it from there, instead of putting my proverbial eggs in one basket. Now that I have completed the challenge, I have a better idea of what to look for. I am also going to join a couple of other affiliate programs. I want to at least make a sale this month.

Before I read 4HWW, I was pretty frustrated with my job (I mentioned this in an earlier post). I had for a while looked at ways to venture out on my own. So I turned to real estate investing. In another entry I’ll talk about that aspect of my life, but what I wanted to mention here is that I have two really good mentors that I look to for guidance. One of them, who also happens to be my source of financing, has drilled something into me that I will never forget…he basically told me that I am not an investor, but more of an orchestrator. As much as want to rehab houses myself, my real job is lead a team of sub contractors to do the work for me. I basically coordinate them to get the job done.

This is Timothy’s approach. Don’t do the grunt work yourself, hire the people who are experts and let them do it for you, (yeah…despite the fact that I want to learn Ruby on Rails or Ajax to make a really cool website myself).

It’s much more cost effective. Your job is to go out, generate business and come up with the big ideas. To this end, I have been toying with the idea of having “Your Man In India” work on content for an ebook for whatever niche that looks good.

Still, I need to test the niche before I commission the book. So that’s my course of action. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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