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Some L.I.P. Service…

Saw this through Technorati search on 4HWW and it looks really interesting. I haven’t fully explored their site, but I will; it looks like a book on their experiences is coming out soon.

I like the concept and branding. I added their link to my Blogroll.

Just spreading the love…


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    Hi there,

    It’s Lea from here…thanks for the link love and hope you like the site.

    You are right…my book is about to be launched and if it does a 10th as well as Tim’s, I’ll be happy 🙂

    We started living the LIP lifestyle before Tim’s book out so were of course really excited when it did…the 4HWW highlights the fact (as we’ve been learning this year) that you really can travel permanently or take mini retirements and live that “dream” lifestyle so many people dream about without having to be millionaires.

    Thanks again for the link,


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    My pleasure Lea. I’m looking forward to your book, and your site really is a great resource.

    Take care,


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