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Book Release…No…not mine…

As I mentioned in my last post, Lea Woodward over at LIP Living was coming out with a book…well the book is out, it’s called “X Marks The Spot: The Indispensable Guide To Living As A LIP & Working From Anywhere“.

I bought a copy this morning and read it throughout my work day. It is an easy read and covers a lot of information. The early chapters describe Lea’s background and how she and her husband got into the LIP Lifestyle. It goes over the places they have lived and their rationale for choosing those locations. I like this part because it builds up her “creds”; a lot of authors write about a subject with which they are not familiar; she walks the walk.

After this, the book starts getting really meaty. It goes into the rationale for doing it, facing your fears, how to get started, and the basic nuts and bolts of what you need to do and things you need to consider. The book is chock full of tips and hints, and the Appendix has an excellent list of additional resources. As an added bonus, by buying the book, you get access to their Facebook group of other LIPs and soon to be LIPs.

I consider the book a valuable resource, and an excellent how-to book on living the Location Independent Professional lifestyle.

The book costs $12 US (6 GBP). You can buy the ebook here. There are 100 ebooks for sale in this pre-release. The print version will be out at the end of the month, and will cost $22 (11 GBP); there will also be only 100 books in the pre-release.

Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, the link above is an affiliate link, and I will get a portion of the proceeds if you buy through it. But I really do like the book and think that it is a valuable resource, so much so that if you want to order the ebook without my getting the commission, you can get it from here; it costs the same either way – I’m just standing by my review.


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