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Yet another cool resource to explore.

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that’s important…right?

My destination is to be totally independent from a “traditional” job, and join the ranks of the professionals without borders. My journey is chronicled in this blog, and man am I having fun.

The two or three of you that actually follow my blog know that I try to find quality sites that align with my journey. You also may know that one of the methods I am investigating is Affiliate Marketing. I recently stumbled on a really cool site by a guy named Josh Wexelbaum. The site is called “The Scrappy Business Idea Blog” and it can be found here. He’s 25 and, like Lea Woodward of LIP Living, walks the walk. His site has tons of free resources, as well as his own eBook which appears as tabs on the main page. There are three basic online money making techniques he explains – affiliate marketing, Adsense marketing, and selling your own eBook. The information is geared more towards beginners, but there’s stuff for all levels of expertise.

He also has a link to his other site that chronicles his journeys around the world. His internet marketing gig pays for the ride. Not too shabby…


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