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Results of my little Internet Marketing experiment…

On Friday, October 12th, I looked at Google Trends and picked the second highest entry, Nicole Jaracz (Drew Carey’s fiance), and created a blog entry with her name in the header and body, along with tagging the entry with her name. (The first entry was a much loved college football player who died with his girlfriend in a car accident…no way I was going to use that with a clear conscience).

Here are the results:

Oct 12 – 5 Views to my blog, 1 of which was to the Nicole Jaracz entry.

Oct 13 – 13 Views to my Blog, 0 to that entry.

Oct 14 – 13 Views, 4 to the Nicole Jaracz entry

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Oct 15 – 126 Views, 116 specifically for Nicole

Oct 16 – 87 Views, 82 ” ”

Oct 17 – 37 Views, 29 ” ”

Oct 18 – 9 Views, 4 ” ”

Oct 19 – 9 View, 6 ” ”

This was for a period of one week.

Now, I totally understand that this is not a great method to draw in readers. I’m sure a lot of people took one look at my site and realized it had very little to do with Nicole Jaracz, so they left. I did not get much traffic to my other entries. I am also sure that most BAD internet marketers don’t care; they probably figure that, if you have a good enough hook, you may catch some of the readers. Any traffic is good traffic. Which is why the tag the heck out of their sites with everything in the world.

But as you see by the numbers, they drop off pretty quickly.

There is something to learn from all this… First, if you have really good content, and it does match something hot on Google Trends, putting the entry in your header, body, and tag can jump start your exposer. Something else pretty interesting, I still get, on average, anywhere from 3 to 5 readers still landing on that entry daily. Talk about Long Tail…

I am trying to figure out how to put this information to good use, but it was something fun to try.


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    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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    What is it with which you don’t agree?


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    Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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