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Word of the day: Escape!…

Gotta love this Atlanta weather…Last week I was wearing short sleeve shirts, today as I look out my window IT’S SNOWING!…Being a yankee, I kinda miss the snow – not the shoveling though. Of course, there was a run on bread, milk and eggs at the metro supermarkets. People panic real easily here when they hear the words “Winter Storm Warning”…never mind that by tomorrow, the snow will be gone. But there is the infamous “Black Ice” in it’s wake.

Work on the house is coming along nicely. It is about at the midway point. I have some additional stuff that I decided needed to be done – there is no insulation in the crawlspace, and those leaks I mention earlier. It will cost, but it will save my tenants a lot in energy bills – happy tenants = good tenants; plus it will have to be done eventually anyway. In a day or two, I will meet with my lawyer, who himself is a landlord, and I will take a crash-course in Georgia Landlord-Tenant Law, and soak up as much knowledge as possible.

My Day Job, on the other hand, has been driving me crazy. I find myself in a situation where I am getting pulled from many different directions, and it is causing a lot of stress.  This has given me renewed motivation to get away, if only for a while. I am still working on a way to move to a freelance position.

While planning my escape, I found this great article on living long term and rent free. The travelzine itself is a great resource, so I have added it to my blogroll.


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    Hi there. It can be tough trying to branch out on your own whilst still working full time. But it is do-able if you’re persistent.

    It just takes a lot of patience, as the transition from full time employment to self employment doesn’t happen overnight.

    I know that motivating yourself because you want to leave your job seems like a good idea at the time, but it’s a good idea to set yourself a list of goals and motivate yourself towards them. It’s a lot easier that way and you’ll be concentrating on something positive instead of something negative.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Hi there – great site.. I came across you while researching lifestyle designer links for my blog….

    I’ve always found that sometimes you need space and time to embrace new projects.. and to allow new opportunities in… If you have savings and are looking to build an on-line business – had you considered taking yourself to a country with a much lower cost of living to build your business?? Sorry if I’ve not read something within your blog which answers that question already!!!

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    With the dollar falling to all time lows, moving to a country with a lower cost of living, and the necessary infrastructure to run a business remotely is getting harder and harder to find :o)

    I was in Costa Rica last June and really enjoyed it…enough to investigate what it would take to work from there a few months out of the year. The problem is I have two children, one 17 and one 13, and until they are out of college, I am pretty much resolved to staying here for the time being. There is, of course the summer break, which would be nice to spend in other countries.

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