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Still Breathing….

First, an update on what I have been up to. As I mentioned earlier, the major work on the house is done and I had some left over little things that I need to finish. The problem is, I can only work on the weekends. I have been working late at my job, and I am just too tired to work on the house afterward. OK…I’m venting, but it hasn’t been easy. I also have been having problems finding a tenant screening service. The recent changes to the credit reporting laws make it impossible for landlords with one or two houses to be able to get credit information on prospective tenants.

Oh…and it’s tax time…need I say more?

I am trying to apply 4HWW to my situation though. I am working on a proposal to outsource the website design to market my house. It is just taking too much time to do it on my own, and really, it is something perfect to have someone else to do for me. I will post my experiences here on how it goes.

Now, before I get into my favorite sites (yeah, you’ll need to wait a little while more, but it will be worth it…) I want you to imagine the following situation.

Say you have a laptop. On the laptop, you have a basic operating system, and a web browser. That’s it.

No utilities, No applications (other than the browser), No suites…nothing… Basically you have what is known as a “Thin Client”.

The challenge is, can you run a business from the laptop?

Sure ya can, Sparky… just go here.

It is pretty cool. Everything you need, via Web 2.0 hosted applications. This is perfect for a freelancer on the move. I hope you find it useful.


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    Gavin Allinson:


    Give me a call as I run an outsourcing company and should be able to help you with your web design project.

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    Gavin Allinson

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