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Blogging for the sake of blogging…

The reason I have not posted in so long is that nothing has really changed much. I am not one to really post crap when I have nothing to say, nor do I like being pressured in to having to write every day (or week or..uhhh month)…

I have seen some really interesting resources, and I will continue to post them here. I have gone back on my list of resources and found that it is huge. I tend to just clip sites that seem interesting and put them all in an email that I then send to myself. I looked back on the emails and there were hundreds of links to review! Yes, some sites kept coming up with great info, but a lot of these were the sites I already had on my blog roll (although there are some new ones that I will add later).

The best advice I can think of is to do what I do and use sites that employ user recommendations to find subjects in which you are interested. Go to sites like Digg,, or Stumbleupon, to search for topics like “Freelance” or “4HWW”, and you will find quality sites that have been vetted by others. This is the direction that online search engines taking – instead of blindly finding every site relating to a subject, good or bad.

While I have pretty much finished work on my rental property, I have not really made any effort to market it or get a tenant into it. I don’t know what is holding me back. Probably fear. I have heard horror stories of tenants from hell and I am afraid that when I do get someone in, the nightmares will begin. Still I faced my fears when I bought the house in the first place, and I still want to try being a landlord to see if it is right for me. I guess I just have to face this fear and ride out whatever adversity that comes my way.

As I mentioned in my last post, the Thirty Day Challenge is back, and I am going to participate in that as well. In July, it will be a year since I first started my effort to leave my current job and become a freelancer. I have learned a lot in that time, but it is a humbling experience, and it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Life has a funny way of coming in and interfering with your plans. Still, I have not given up and I will continue to try different things until I find the solution that feel right for my goals.

As for my next post, you will get it when it is worthy of publishing… :o)


2 comments to Blogging for the sake of blogging…

  • Thanks for not just posting crap, now stop posting crap. No, just kidding. It was a good post.

    Some other ideas for finding topics:

    1) Yahoo Answer – or any other Q&A site
    2) SEO phrases you are already targeting in your search engine campaigns, especially the high traffic phrases.

    For one of my clients, I provide them a monthly list of phrases that are high volume for topics to post on their blogs. These blogs drive traffic to their main sites which hold the call-to-actions.

    Good Hunting.

  • Funny guy….

    Yes, is another good site as well. I also like Google Trends –

    If you look at my earlier post “Who the heck is Nicole Jaracz?” (Friday, October 12, 2007) I took the #2 entry from Google Hot Trends – from that day – “Nicole Jaracz” and wrote a blog entry with it as an experiment. I got a large number of hits that following Monday, October 15, and in fact, people still come to my site based on that keyword search.

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