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The Thirty Day Challenge is back…

For those of you that want to learn about internet marketing, seo, writing effective copy, and more, no matter what your experience or level of knowledge is, then you need to go to The Thirty Day Challenge website, and sign up for the next challenge. It is free, it is a great learning experience (I went through the last one and learned a lot about using social networks to market products).

Pre-season training starts June 1st. Training consists of daily podcasts (audio and video), online live events, pdf handouts, tools, and exercises to get you to take action. You learn about finding a niche and developing it into a product that will generate revenue. When you sign up, you can also look at last years training to get a feel for what is involved. There is also a really active forum and you are encourages to form teams.

I was somewhat skeptical when started it last year (solo), but I ended up with some success; I didn’t make a sale, but my site was #10 on google search for a couple of days in my niche. This was done with minimal effort; I was more curious about the process. This year I am going to try it with a team and see if my results are better.

Ed Dale and Dan Raine run the Challenge and are affiliated with Stompernet and the Immediate Edge which are on the cutting edge of internet marketing and seo training. A lot of what they teach come directly from this association.

This is a great way to get started in internet marketing.


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    Just looking through other people posting about the Thirty Day Challenge, and wanted to say hi! I kinda stumbled into the site a few days ago and decided to give it a try too. Here’s wishing us luck!

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