July 2008
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Been Busy…

I apologize for the gap, a lot has been going on.

First, my wife had it in her head that the hall bathroom needed to be redecorated. So, she tore down all the wallpaper and left the rest to me. She wanted me to re-prep the walls for painting, and re-tile a section of the bathroom where the old vanity was standing to prepare for the new vanity.

So much for my weekends…

I mentioned in an earlier post how my daughter has begun driving. Well, we are now encountering the next milestone of growing up – the college visit. We started the trip last week, looking at the University of Georgia.  We then drove from Atlanta to Miami to visit the University of Miami. Finally, we went up to Orlando to visit Universal Studios for some fun (although we did take a side trip to Tampa to visit the university there as well).

Yes, I know; what kind of idiot spends the week of July 4th in the Florida heat…It actually was a fun trip. I try to make time for the kids, but scheduling is hard with my kids doing schoolwork and hanging out with friends and me with my job. Summer is a great time to re-connect.

Anyhow, one of the things I have been doing to move to an location independent lifestyle, is to teach myself web design. I found a phenomenal site called Skout that is just too good not to share… Those of you interested in Web Design should find this an indispensable resource; enjoy!


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