July 2008
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On Maine…

I am finally taking a well deserved vacation in Maine, my second “home”. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, my parents moved up here after my brother, sister and I moved out and started our separate lives. My parents decided to start fresh as well, so they built a house on a property they owned here and have lived here since. On the property, there was an old shack. My father and brother renovated it into a guest cottage, where some of us stay (usually my family and I).

I am up here with my two daughters, my wife could not make it up because she had to prepare for the upcoming school year (she is a teachers aid). My brother, sister, and her two kids are here as well.

I make the trek here each year to recharge my batteries. Everyone should have a place like that in their life. It is so far removed from the world; my father can only access the Internet via dial-up! It is both a blessing an a curse.

This morning, my brother and I hiked one of the many mountains. It was overcast and the fog shrouded some of the higher peaks of neighboring mountains. I’ll post some pictures later on. It really is beautiful here.

I am not going to post any links for the time I am here. No productivity tips, no cool sites, nothing. I am going to be designing a couple of web pages for my parents (they are putting the house up for sale and I am going to help them market it), but that is the full extent of my work here. Instead, I am going to make reservations for tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House, sea kayak from Bartletes Landing, and maybe get a few more hikes with my brother and kids in while the weather is nice.


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