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Tim Ferriss of 4HWW profiled in Men’s Journal

There is an interesting profile of Tim Ferriss in the September issue of Men’s Journal (I have provided the link here, but at the time of this writing they still had the August issue up). It is a good look into his life, although it pretty much goes over a lot of what others have said/wrote about him (though the saliva thing was kinda weird…). Still, it is a pretty good read.

Update: here is the link to the article from his site.

Update 2: Sorry the link no longer exists…


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    Marc Beneteau / Lifestyle Design School:

    Sadly the link is dead.. let me know if you can find a good one.
    Btw you and I have a few things in common.. including our age and our taste in WordPress themes :)… see for details.
    PS: you may want to add the “Subscribe to comments” plugin to your blog.

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    So it is…thank you for pointing it out. I will try to find another one.

    Yes…I really like the Theme, and I like how you customized it as well. It seems do have a lot in common. I will also add the plug in. Thanks for the advice.


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