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Neat Little GMail Trick…

The August Thirty Day Challenge is over, but if you are interested in learning about basic Internet Marketing, SEO, want to meet a great group of people in the forums, and possibly make a buck or two,  you can still participate. This year, it is organized so that anyone can start it at any time and move at their own pace.  It’s free, and you will not get bombarded with offers to buy the latest guru’s course.

The the basic lesson of the  Challenge is to pick a niche and look for micro niches that are viable, that have a market of willing and able consumers. You will need to test the market by creating a blog or Hubpage that targets the micro niche. This testing is crucial, because it ensures that you can separate the good prospects from the losers without investing a dime.

I am going to share one technique that I use to keep track of the multiple identities that I have on the various blogs I create to test my markets.

First a little about GMail. Let’s say you have  the following GMail address: You can use the “+” to differentiate email sources. For example, you can give your family the following email address: “” and friends “”; in both cases, the email will show up in your GMail account. GMail ignores everything after the “+”.

Now, a little about niches. I am going to use the example market of “people who play tennis”; these are the people I am trying to reach. Let’s say I have tested all the keywords, and came up with the following viable keyword phrases: my mega-niche phrase is “Tennis Racquet”; my niche phrase is “head tennis racuquet”; my micro-niche phrase is “head liquid metal tennis racquet”.  So I will create my blog with someone like BlogSpot with the title “Liquid Metal Tennis Racquet” which will be at the address “”. When I create this particular blog it will ask for my email address.

Here is where my trick comes in.

I will create the following GMail address – “”  (not my real address). When I create my blog, I will use my email address, and append my mega niche – in this case “”. I also make sure when I post relevant comments on other blogs, I use this email address and associate it with my blog in order to get valuable links. I do this for each of my niches. So I don’t have to keep creating different email accounts.  You can then create a filter in GMail to either forward it to another account, or to label it so you can display it by label.

So far this has worked pretty well for me and it helps keep me organized. I hope you find this tip helpful. If you have any other tips, send me a comment I will share it here.


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