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Pride and Joy


Please forgive the detour I took on my blog with this post.

Those of you who follow me regularly on Twitter may have noticed my absence for the last few days. The picture above explains it quite nicely (Not a great one of me, but the wife and kids look fantastic).

The last couple of weeks leading up to my daughters graduation from High School have been hectic to say the least (didn’t even have time for a desperately needed haircut as you can see above :o) ). The day after her graduation we held an open house for friends and family. I am only now recovering.

Out of 533 students in her graduating class, Samantha was ranked at 19; she graduated Summa Cum Laude. To say we are proud of her would be an understatement. She is a smart, witty, and well rounded young woman (okay…this is her father saying this, so yes I am slightly biased, but others have told us this time after time). I blogged about her a couple of years ago in my post “Reflection” when I was teaching her how to drive (It seemed like only yesterday). Very soon, she’ll be leaving us for college; the tether, fully cut…

We were over at our next door neighbors house last night. They have an only son, Lewis, who also graduated, and who basically grew up with our daughter. They considered Sam the daughter they never had and we have always said Lewis was the son we never had. Lewis’ father, Rick, showed us a video he made which was a compilation of video footage and pictures of their son growing up. There was a section in the video of Sam and Lewis; watching them grow up together in the span of minutes, it took a lot for me to hold it together; my wife, of course, lost it – it was a good thing they had a box of tissues nearby.

This is a tough time for a parent. All the late nights, the sacrifices, the joys, the tears, and now your child is about to be launched into the world, in a kind of second birth, a rebirth. All we can do is sit back and watch it happen, and be there if she ever needs us.


3 comments to Pride and Joy

  • I knew there was a reason I didn’t see you around. How exciting to have your daughter get such wonderful accolades. I would be a proud poppa too. So now that you have done all of this celebrating and partying it’s about time you get back to work you have been missed. Give my best to the gorgeous wife and bambina’s

  • Great looking family! You must be very proud!

  • Wow that is great – congratulations! Mine are 13 and 10 so I have a few yrs. I hope I can keep it together also ;~)
    ~ Jim

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