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As I am typing this, I am watching “The Replacements” on TNT. One of my favorite scenes of the movie deals with Fear, and it is something that can stop entrepreneurs dead in their tracks.

Here is the scene, it starts out funny, but gets very deep.

The Replacements – Quicksand

Say you’re just starting out with your new business, or maybe you already have an established business and things are going well; you found your rhythm. Then something happens, not a big thing, but something breaks the rhythm. As you are recovering, something else happens, then something else, and before you know it your stuck in quicksand…

The secret to dealing with fear is to face it head-on, not avoiding it, or thinking that as an entrepreneur you need to feel no fear.

What I have found, is that writing down my fears helps a lot. Once they are down on paper and clearly stated, it makes it easier for me to deal with them.

After that I can focus on what’s really important and take action!


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