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Tim Ferriss of 4HWW profiled in Men’s Journal

There is an interesting profile of Tim Ferriss in the September issue of Men’s Journal (I have provided the link here, but at the time of this writing they still had the August issue up). It is a good look into his life, although it pretty much goes over a lot of what others have said/wrote about him (though the saliva thing was kinda weird…). Still, it is a pretty good read.

Update: here is the link to the article from his site.

Update 2: Sorry the link no longer exists…


When should you quit your day job?

BusinessWeek has an online article called “When Should You Quit Your Day Job”. It is a good read for anyone who works full time, but has a side business, and wants to quit to manage it full time.


On Building a Foundation…

My original goal when I created this blog was to provide a journal of my experiences in moving from a Corporate to Freelance lifestyle. I wanted to provide at least one path so that people can follow along and see if my formula works for them.

Well, after a year it seems that although I have learned a lot, I have not moved as far as I have wanted, and I have not done a good job of documenting my progress. I feel that even after a year, I have not yet found my “voice”. I have decided to go back to the basics.

The first thing I want to do is improve the quality of the blog. I want to eventually have a community of readers who are in the same position that I am in; we are not satisfied with our jobs and want something better. Instead of working harder, we want to work smarter and on our own terms. Also, once we succeed, how do we keep the fire burning inside of us? How do we keep motivated? How do we hone our skills, stay creative? What tools will we use? What methods?

I am making the effort to improve the layout of the site. I am getting really familiar with WordPress; in fact I have made several manual modifications to this sites default template (with which I am really happy!), and will likely make more. My target audience is Web Developers, Copywriters, and Internet Marketers, and I hope to have information relevant to each. I am going to create pages for each as well as continuing to keep the main page a a journal of my attempts at lifestyle design.

I have also started reading articles like this and this on how to be a better blogger. I want to be more effective in my writing. I want to communicate better.

Oh yeah…I am still trying to come up with a cool logo. Stay tuned…


Thirty Day Challenge Continues – Ed Dale In Atlanta…

I am still struggling to catch up on the Thirty Day Challenge. I am on a tight schedule so it is hard right now. One cool thing is that Ed Dale, one of the creators of The Challenge is here in Atlanta for StomperNet. There is a meetup at 6:30pm at the Renaissance Hotel at Cobb Galleria. I am going to try to get down there, if only for an hour.


Stayin’ Alive…

I have started the Thirty Day Challenge late due to some family issues I had to deal with at the beginning of the month; I am working hard to catch up. The cool thing is that you can start any time and work at your own pace. The Challenge is a lot better this year; better tools, more information, and a whole lot more people. I am working to apply some of what I am learning to this blog. The blog is nowhere near ready to be monetized, but I am working to add more relevant content, and to raise it’s profile. To that end, the theme has been changed to a cleaner, more fluid, more SEO friendlier one. I am going to try to cram a lot of content to make it more relevant. I have also added RSS feeds from my favorite sites that provide quality content pertaining to Freelancing and Life Hacking tips. As I have mentioned before, this is a work in progress. I am trying to develop a brand (I want to replace the logo at the top of my blog to something a little more cooler).

In other news, my rental property is now on the market.  I have been getting nibbles, but no big bites yet. I have to get a tenant into the house before December so I can refinance it. I have a balloon payment due then and the pressure is on.

My general strategy is to get multiple streams of income coming in to initally supplement my salary, but to eventually have it replace my salary. So, with my rental, my Internet Marketing activity, and soon, my freelance Web Design work (and content writing), I hope to generate enough revenue to go independent.

Stay tuned…


Thirty Day Challenge Reminder…

Just a reminder, if you want to learn about Internet marketing using state of the art techniques, then participate in The Thirty Day Challenge. It is free; there is no up selling or product advertising (it is strictly forbidden), and is run by a two highly knowledgeable people in the field. The challenge kicks off Thursday night (July 31). I did it last year and I learned a lot. This year promises to be even better.



As promised, some pictures from my hikes around Acadia National Park…


On Maine…

I am finally taking a well deserved vacation in Maine, my second “home”. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, my parents moved up here after my brother, sister and I moved out and started our separate lives. My parents decided to start fresh as well, so they built a house on a property they owned here and have lived here since. On the property, there was an old shack. My father and brother renovated it into a guest cottage, where some of us stay (usually my family and I).

I am up here with my two daughters, my wife could not make it up because she had to prepare for the upcoming school year (she is a teachers aid). My brother, sister, and her two kids are here as well.

I make the trek here each year to recharge my batteries. Everyone should have a place like that in their life. It is so far removed from the world; my father can only access the Internet via dial-up! It is both a blessing an a curse.

This morning, my brother and I hiked one of the many mountains. It was overcast and the fog shrouded some of the higher peaks of neighboring mountains. I’ll post some pictures later on. It really is beautiful here.

I am not going to post any links for the time I am here. No productivity tips, no cool sites, nothing. I am going to be designing a couple of web pages for my parents (they are putting the house up for sale and I am going to help them market it), but that is the full extent of my work here. Instead, I am going to make reservations for tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House, sea kayak from Bartletes Landing, and maybe get a few more hikes with my brother and kids in while the weather is nice.


Been Busy…

I apologize for the gap, a lot has been going on.

First, my wife had it in her head that the hall bathroom needed to be redecorated. So, she tore down all the wallpaper and left the rest to me. She wanted me to re-prep the walls for painting, and re-tile a section of the bathroom where the old vanity was standing to prepare for the new vanity.

So much for my weekends…

I mentioned in an earlier post how my daughter has begun driving. Well, we are now encountering the next milestone of growing up – the college visit. We started the trip last week, looking at the University of Georgia.  We then drove from Atlanta to Miami to visit the University of Miami. Finally, we went up to Orlando to visit Universal Studios for some fun (although we did take a side trip to Tampa to visit the university there as well).

Yes, I know; what kind of idiot spends the week of July 4th in the Florida heat…It actually was a fun trip. I try to make time for the kids, but scheduling is hard with my kids doing schoolwork and hanging out with friends and me with my job. Summer is a great time to re-connect.

Anyhow, one of the things I have been doing to move to an location independent lifestyle, is to teach myself web design. I found a phenomenal site called Skout that is just too good not to share… Those of you interested in Web Design should find this an indispensable resource; enjoy!


In the Beginning…

One of the questions that a lot of prospective freelancers ask is “How do I get Started?”, especially if you want to work in a field in which you have no experience. One of my favorite sources of freelancing information, Freelance Switch, has a great article by Carlo Feliciano entitled “How I Started My Freelance Career With Zero Experience In My Field”. While you are there, check out the other great articles and resources for Freelancers.