February 2018
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Finding New Clients

Over at Bootstrapper, there is a great post on creative ways to find new clients. You can find it here. Also adding the site to my blogroll. I have been really busy coordinating the closing for my house. The lender I am using wants to use their lawyer to do the closing, this after my […]


…and Ye Shall Receive…

So, this weekend we had a family emergency, and I had to get my wife up to New York City to tend to her ailing mother. (I had to pay through the nose for a last-minute airline ticket…arrrgh!). In the meantime, I am spending the week between work (and a very important project) and being […]


Four Habits to Improve your Life

I have been catching up on my blog reading lately and saw this over at 43 Folders. The post is about Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements”. Basically the Four Agreements are as follows: 1) Be impeccable with your word. 2) Don’t take anything personally. 3) Don’t make assumptions. 4) Do your best. Yeah…the […]


My Personal 10-Q

Every quarter, publicly held companies are required to issue a report showing their progress for the past 3 months. This report is called a 10-Q. Just over three months ago (last quarter), I finished reading The Four Hour Work Week, and I decided to work the principles into my life. The purpose was to create […]


On patience…

In late November, 2006, a guy saw one of my bandit signs and called my answering service regarding selling his house. This was the beginning of the sub-prime fiasco, and he got caught up early on. He lost his job and could not afford his payments. After meeting with him and his wife, I initiated […]


Reflection – Totally Off Topic…

My eldest daughter passed her road test yesterday morning (scored a 94)…she’s now street legal. I saw the tether that binds her to us start to fray and it was a bittersweet moment. On the one hand I had to choke back the tears of joy and pride in her accomplishment, on the other is […]