February 2018
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Who I Follow On Twitter (and Why)

@MillionaireMoms Joyce Bone is one of the most successful people (personally and professionally) that I know. She is both a good friend and mentor, and with her patient guidance (and prodding) I purchased my rental property. If you want to be successful, I highly suggest following her.

@donderosa Don DeRosa is another friend and mentor who is a highly successful Real Estate Investor, teacher, and national speaker. If you want to know anything about Short Sales, Real Estate Negotiation, Private Lending, or Real Estate Investing in general, he’s the go-to guy…

@leawoodward & @jonwoodward Lea and Jon run the Location Independent Blog. They also have a course out that I recommend you get if you are interested in becoming a location independent professional (more info can be found here). They have a community of members who themselves are location independent professionals, or are aspiring to become one.

Of the people in the Location Independent Professional community I follow @codymckibb (Cody), @amypalko (Amy), @shurleyhall (Sharon) religiously…

Other LIPs I follow: @DanielMcclure (Daniel), @JetSetCitizen (John), @GrayAndy (Andy), @no_fixed_office (Joel)

@SEOCopy (Gabriella) Skilled in SEO and copy writing, I follow Gabriella because she has a wealth of knowledge and very generous in sharing it. She is friendly, creative, intelligent, engaging and has a great sense of humor. She is a must follow.

@abbyharenberg When my kids were really young, I would come home from work after a rough day and they would be there to greet me giving me a big hug, and suddenly, my day was a lot better. My kids are in their teens now (and I do still get the occasional hug) but no matter how bad my day is, Abby is always there with a kind word or an inspirational quote. She is an intelligent and creative person who posts great links.

Read this and you’ll know why I follow @chrisbrogan (Chris)

Other New/Social Media folks to follow: @mashable, @monicaobrien (Monica), @PRsarahevans (Sarah), @Iceburner (Michael), @Dana_Willhoit (Dana), @newmediajim (Jim), @JesseNewhart (Jesse), @simchabe (Charl), @donmak (Don), @SexyWorkingMom (Lu Anne)

Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) bills himself as “The Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist”, check out his blog and you’ll soon see, he’s the real deal…

These people I follow for great Entrepreneurial information: @DisneyEC (Josh), @mainebusiness (Carl), @EconomyHeros (Steve), @tweetsmallbiz, @donroberts (Don), @JillKoenig (Jill)

Along with Entrepreneurial information, I get great Freelancing information from: @FreelanceSw, @FreelanceFolder, @HireHeather (Heather), @ducttape, @jonathanfields (Jonathan), @pamslim (Pam)

Internet Marketing Pros I follow @cmiddlebrook (Caroline), @michellem (Michelle), @Ed_Dale (Ed), @DanRaine (Dan)…they provide quality information without the pressure or BS that other “Gurus” spew…

@mayhemstudios (Calvin Lee) and @andysowards (Andy Sowards) are amazing sources of web design, business and marketing information. You can find Calvins blog here, and Andy’s blog here. Both are really great guys and have a great sense of humor; both are definitely worthy of a follow.

I also follow these people for excellent web design, and SEO links and information:
@styletime (Roger – also a great source of Freelance info!), @SEO_Web_Design (Jim), @giographix (Giovanni), @nataliav (Natalia), @KarenMcDade (Karen), @kmullett (Kevin), @CreativeOpera (Manda), @RobinMWood (Robin), @soniamarras (Sonia),@mlane (Mike), @featureBlend (Ahad), @paulahillier (Paula), @KISSmetrics, @passionsista (Vandy), @mistygirlph (Misty), @ruhanirabin (Ruhani), @hieuuk, @dustyedwards (Dusty),@mimojito, @LunaJay (Lana), @mck66 and last but not least, @paviles Pablo, from Costa Rica (Pura Vida Amigo!)

Creatives I follow: @SensualStories (Nola), @knikkolette (Knikkolette), @imjustcreative (Graham), @VOLeila (Leila)

I follow @corvida because I met her at Mashlanta, and she is just terminally cool. She’s really nice and true geek at heart. Other great (fellow) geeks I follow: @RockinITGurl (Shari), @Office_Live (Louise and Aaron), @leedrake (Lee), @tommytrc (Thomas)

Atlanta Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Social Media types, or just plain cool people who I follow: @TarynP (Taryn), @adamsconsulting (Diana), @stammy (Paul), @jeremyporter (Jeremy)

Way more to come!…